I receive several calls each week asking if we have a logo on file.  On our flow chart, there is a tab listed as “Logos on File.”  Please check this list and check the Olean list before asking if we have the logo on file.  If your logo is listed on the form, but you are not positive that it is the correct logo, you can email btproofdesigns@gmail.com to request a screenshot of the logo.  If Olean has the logo and we do not, please email logoengraving@cutco.com and ask for it to be sent to us.

You are responsible for attaching logos to your engraving instruction form.  If, for example, you ask for the Cherry Realty logo and do not attach it, we will engrave it with a Cherry logo we have on file.  If it is the wrong Cherry Realty logo, then you will be responsible for the replacement of the order.