Drop Shipping Explained:

Q. What is a drop ship?

A. Dropship is when you sell an order that is held at Branding Tools and sent out a few out a time to end clients. i.e. You have a Loan Officer that buys 50 Santoku Trimmers. Then sends out 6-9 a month to his/her clients.

Q. How do I bill for this with the new drop ship shipping charge on my order?

A. Email ShopManagerEngraving@Gmail.com to get a quote on what the shipping charge will be per gift. i.e. “Please send a quote to send 3721’s to this address” (Pick an address near where most the gifts will be shipping)

Q. What if they are shipping to different locations all over the country?

A. Pick an address on the east coast as this is the farthest away. Better safe than sorry.

Once you receive your quote back you multiply it by the number of gifts to figure out how much to charge the customer on the order form. i.e “Your 3721 will be $14 each to ship.” You take $14 and multiply it by the number of gifts in this case, 50) = $700

When you process the order on the app, you do quantity 700 x $1 Drop ship fee = $700

Of course, this is an estimate. If you slightly overcharge, the difference will be in your account at Branding Tools. If you slightly undercharge, you will be responsible for the difference.

The code to use when processing your order is CGCSHIPBT.

Remember this is $1, so you must do the math to calculate the correct amount to charge.

Once the order is processed, we encourage you to follow up with your client monthly to send in their gift letters that we print and send with the gifts. This ensures that the client is in the habit of sending the gifts consistently.

The email address to send these requests to is DropShipEngraving@gmail.com

Once the client has fewer than 5 gifts, Branding Tools will notify you so you can follow up with the client to get them to reorder and refill their stock. These tend to be the easiest reorders as it’s a system in place for the clients.

These can be pre-engraved or engraved as we go, totally up to you.

The client’s return address will be used on the shipping label, so if any address mistakes, the package will be returned to your clients. Branding Tools will not use our address as a return address.

If you have any questions about this at all, please contact me directly so I can walk you through the process.