I want to tell you how thankful I am for all you do! With all the instructions you process, items you engrave, and emails you send…I’m truly amazed that somehow everything gets done! Thank you for your attention to detail and always emailing me to confirm things that are unclear or contradictory. Even when things get messed up or mistakes are made, I appreciate your willingness to continue to perfect what you do and grow as a team. I’m truly grateful for the professionalism that you help me pass on to my customers and the pride I’m able to take in what I do, in part, because of you! Have an incredible Holiday Season and thanks again!

Danielle Flack

From everyone at Captain Katen Inc. we’d like to extend our appreciation for the work you do and the work we don’t know that you do. Having a team like you to help support our questions and concerns to serve our customers better helps our business in more ways then one. We sincerely hope that you realize how important you are and how much of the picture you are. Keep up the great work and thanks in advance for any future odd requests we may have that you fulfill.

Jeremy Katen, Captain Katen Inc

Towards the beginning of the Realtor Program I was not yet a client. I found a local guy and he was great. It was so simple – at least I thought. All I had to do was get all the gifts shipped to me (you should have seen what 30 boxes looked like in a small 1 bedroom). I opened each box and confirmed the product was correct (sometimes it wasn’t), then I created written engraving instructions for what to engrave on each order. I just made a big stack in the corner as needed for the shipments I got each day. Often I wasn’t home to receive the shipments so I drove to the post office to get them (it took more than one trip because my car was smaller and the gift orders were big boxes). I drove the gifts and instructions twice a week over to the engraver and picked them up and then confirmed the engraving was correct, then resealed the gifts and drove them to the local post office to ship each one. We were giving so much work to the engraver he started to complain about the work…telling me he wasn’t sure he wanted to keep this pace of growth up. He was just one man. I dealt with this for months until Tony called me and we started to talk about using his company as the engraving company for my business. I was optimistic it would be at least as easy as it had been for me…but I had no idea how truly life changing that small choice would be for me. I learned quickly how great you all are at your jobs because you freed me up to be able to do what I do best – sell! I am so grateful for the opportunity you present to me and my peers thru your hard work and dedication. Most of all, I’m grateful that you grow as I grow. Your dedication allows me to employ my mother full time. Your dedication allows me to make true on my commitment to each of my 1400 clients. Clients are happy to work with me AGAIN because of you. The reorder is all you and we are all getting a ton of reorders. Every great organization needs team members to make things happen. I could not do it without you. Thank you!

Mitch Felix

Thanks so much for all you do! We cannot thank you enough for being the backbone of our business. We love you and look forward to working with you forever 🙂

Adam Sobieski

Most of my business success has been based on great customer service and wonderful products. Your Branding Tools team correlates to both of those things. Without your team’s great work, it would be more difficult to provide such a high level of service to my Cutco clients. Turn around time would be longer and quality of work would probably be inconsistent. You make it possible to continue to serve our clients the way they should be served. So thank you for all that you do. Your job makes it possible for me to do my job, which helps other businesses do a better job serving their clients as well. Overall, your impact has ripples you may not be aware of. Keep up the great work!


Thank you, Branding Tools for doing such an amazing job this year! My clients LOVE their knives and they are getting them faster than last year as well! I love the systems of prepping the gifts that you have in place – making my job easier. Keep up the fantastic work! 🙂

Jessie Wright

Give Nyla a raise (and the rest of the staff of course). In all sincerity though, all of the work you do is so very much appreciated. Every time I talk to Nyla or Chris (95% of the time I speak with one of these 2 ladies in the shop) I know you’re dealing with 20 other requests just like mine, but somehow you make me feel like my desires are more important and you still find a way to get it done! A big shout out to Leslie, Samantha, and the call back staff too. I love getting emails very week when my clients are ready to reorder. I makes my job and absolute PLEASURE and saves me countless hours of work where I can be productive in other areas. Thank you so much for all you do. “BTI (Branding Tools Inc) for life!” (Put it on a bumper sticker or tattoo it on your back in Old English font) =]

Andy Burton

Thank you. Without you, your hard work and your impeccable attention to detail, our opportunity would be incomplete! Where would CUTCO, Vector and its reps be without its new 10 million dollar baby? Thank you for working so hard to help us run our businesses. You are truly an extension of our teams and we are 100% love to work with your team. Enjoy the 2013 Holiday Season and I cannot wait to get to work with you in 2014!

Laura Pozzi

Thank you so much for everything you do. It is such a blessing to be able to count on you to offer such an incredible service to my clients. You help me to help them to be remembered by their clients FOREVER! I couldn’t offer the customer service that I do without you. From engraving, to proofing, to wrapping, to shipments back to Olean, to phone calls, to more engraving proofsJ, to stock swaps, to problem orders, to rush orders, to mistaken directions corrected, to packaging….everything you do, I appreciate it, and again, I thank you! With Gratitude,

Jeff Teresi

I’m Taylor Waidhofer’s Office Manager and I have worked with the Engraving Team for a while now. I want you to know that I am so impressed with the professionalism and helpfulness of everyone I’ve had the pleasure of working with. The response time to any request I make of them is amazing. Everyone is so friendly and willing to help in anyway they can. It is an absolute pleasure to have such an amazing team that I can turn to whenever I need help no matter what! Thanks to all of you for all of your hard work and wonderful attitude!

Carol Cash