For your use, we have created a “Flow Chart” in gmail that you can track your boxes from the time they enter our shop.

Please email us at to have your email address added to our list of people we share it with.

You will find a spread sheet.  Scroll down to the dark bar that has “Drive” in it.  Click on “Drive”.

What you will find are various spreadsheets created by “Month & Year”.  Also a very important one called “30 Days or Older”.

Click on the month you want.

Engraving Turn Time

This is how we process your shipments:

  1. When your boxes arrive…we enter them into the spreadsheet. (Admin)
  2. We then take the packing slip and submit to Tony for instructions.
  3. The billing side matches the packing slip (order number and name) to your instructions.  Make sure these two items are correct.  They will bill for the engraving and shipping at this time.
  4. Instructions come back to Admin, where they are reviewed, highlighted (special instructions) and proof read for any possible mistakes etc…extra knives to be engraved? etc.  Addresses to be checked.  Admin will call you if we need clarification.
  5. Admin enters into the computer your tracking number for shipment and if any logo’s or  black knives are needed.  Special instructions…Rush, Wrap, etc.
  6. Paperwork is sent to the shop.  The shop pulls your boxes and checks to see that your instructions match what is in the box.  Color, knives, etc.
  7. Paperwork is sent to Engraving Manager.  Engraving manager sets up the order and creates black knives and sends them to reps.  If no black knives are needed order goes to engravers. (Boxes requiring approval on black knives are sent to our holding area.  Once approval is given, they move to engravers.)
  8. Engravers, again, check the knives that they are to engrave…color, amount etc before beginning engraving.  They create a black knife as first proof on every order.  It is checked by another engraver.  Spelling, placement and all information is to be correct.  They also check product quality.
  9. Engraver engraves the first knife.  It is checked by an Admin rep.  Again for spelling, placement, and depth.  They then continue with completing the order.
  10. Once engraved, your order continues on to shipping (Shop).  Shipping checks and cleans the knives (again checking all items are correct).  They attach your business cards and other items you want added…letters, stickers etc. to your order.  They add inserts and catalogs and package to be shipped.  They add stickers for UPS or USPS. (Checking that address is correct).
  11. Gift wrapping is done if needed before shipping out.
  12. Item is shipped, paperwork is sent back to Admin to be entered into the flow chart. (Pick up by UPS is around 4:30 in the afternoon…sent out information is entered into the flow chart in the evening each day).
  13. Admin files paperwork.

Your flow chart reflects this process.  You will see when we received your box, when it went to Tony for instructions  when we sent the box to engraver, (we might hold it for logo or Bk) when it was engraved and shipped and any special instructions.

Flow Chart ~ 30 Days or Older

You are to check this often, since we are updating this site constantly.  This shows when a box has been sitting in the shop for over 30 days.  Did you forget to send instructions?  Is there another problem?  Whatever the reason…you are being notified.  Please review to see if yu have missed something.

Flow Charts for Inventory

For those reps that are paying to have inventory updated…a flow chart is created for them and it is updated twice monthly or by request.