For your use, we have created a “Flow Chart” in gmail that you can track your Packing Slips from the time they enter our shop.

Please email us at to have your email address added to our list of people we share it with.

You will find a spread sheet. Scroll down to the dark bar that has “Drive” in it. Click on “Drive”.

What you will find are various spreadsheets.

Click on the month you want.

This is how we process your orders

  1. Your packing slips arrive via email from Cutco
  2. The Billing department will search for instructions in the inbox using the order number (be sure your order number in the subject line is correct or your instructions will be missed)
  3. Instructions are sent to the Admin team, where they are entered into the flowchart (indicating new logos, rushes, proofs, gift wrap, etc) reviewed & highlighted.
  4. Paperwork is sent through the channels to either the proof team (if proof is needed or requested) or the setup team.
  5. Once the order has been set up or the proof approved it goes to the Fulfillment Center where your order is pulled. At this time any swaps or add-to stocks are completed.
  6. Once the order is filled it is taken to the engraving floor & put in line by date (if you requested a RUSH the order will go to the front of the line)
  7. The engravers will do accuracy checks & product quality checks throughout the engraving process.
  8. After the order is engraved it continues on to Shop to be prepped. Here your order is checked again for accuracy and is cleaned. The shop team will attach your business cards and other items you want added…letters, stickers, etc. to your order. Gift wrapping is also done at this time if needed.
  9. The Billing department will make the shipping labels & enter the tracking number’s into the Flow Chart after the order is fully prepped & sealed.
  10. Pick up by USPS is around 2 pm PST & UPS pick up is around 3:15 pm PST
  11. After shipping the Billing department will add your orders to your weekly invoice which is emailed to you every Tuesday. You will remit payment to Branding Tools.
  12. Admin will scan & file the paperwork.

Your flow chart reflects this process, please utilize it for status on your order.