Proof Policy

  1. If an order has a New Logo you will receive a proof even if you do not request one.
  2. When a proof is approved by the customer you must reply APPROVED.
  3. If any changes are made to the proof and you want that to reflect on the other pieces in the order please indicate when you send approval. We will follow original instructions otherwise.
  4. Sending revisions and approvals as a reply to the proof sent is important as it helps me keep your orders organized so there is no confusion.
  5. We want to keep the revisions at a minimum. Being clear and precise will help us help you get the best results and the order out faster, while keeping proof costs down. We are always here to help and can talk to you about options for an engraving before we revise a proof.
  6. Instructions and revisions cannot be taken over the phone. We are happy to talk it over with you via phone but we must have a revision request in writing.
  7. Any and all changes made to proofs must receive a revised proof for approval.
  8. is for proofs only.
  9. You will always receive a confirmation email when you send a revision or approval. If you do not receive this chances are we did not get the email.
  10. Every Thursday a reminder email will be sent notifying you that proof approvals are still needed.
  11. If you need to make changes to a proof that has already been approved, please notify and CC immediately so we can stop the order from being engraved.