• Must have the Same Client
  • Must be for the Same Instruction
  • Must contain No Changes
  • Must have the Same Knives

If the order has any changes made to it then it should no longer be considered a reorder and full
instructions are required.

Engraving Turn Time


Always be sure to send your email to the correct address. is for:

  • Sending Instructions

  • Billing questions is for:

  • Problem Orders
  • Stock Orders
  • Inventory Questions
  • Drop Shipments
  • Proof Revisions
  • Proof Approvals
  • Inquiries of Status

Be sure to utilize the Flowcharts with any questions regarding Tracking # or regarding which Stage an Order is in the process.

Problem Orders

If you have a problem order and need assistance please be sure to include:

  • Customer Name
  • Order Number
  • Detailed information regarding the Problem
  • Picture (if knives misengraved/too deep/too light)

If you request for a Call to fix a Problem order please be sure to inform us of the Specific
Problem and the Order Information so that we may have the Information on hand when we call

Example of a bad email

Example of a Bad Email

Example of a Good Email

Good Email Example