• Must have the Same Client
  • Must be for the Same Instruction
  • Must contain No Changes
  • Must have the Same Knives
  • Previous order # required OR previously approved proofs must be attached. We do not accept instructions that say, “Same as last time”.

If the order has any changes made to it, then it should no longer be considered a reorder and full
instructions are required.


Always be sure to send your email to the correct address. is for:

  • Drop ship requests
  • Gift letters
  • Drop ship inventory requests is for:

  • Sending Instructions

  • Billing questions is for:

  • Proof revisions
  • Proof approvals
  • Mock-up pr compliance proof requests
  • Questions on proofs is for:

  • Problem Orders
  • Stock Orders
  • Inventory Questions
  • Inquiries of Status

Be sure to utilize the Flowcharts with any questions regarding Tracking # or regarding which Stage an Order is in the process.

Problem Orders

If you have a problem order and need assistance please be sure to include:

  • Customer Name
  • Order Number
  • Detailed information regarding the Problem
  • Picture (if knives engraved wrong)

If you request for a Call to fix a Problem order please be sure to inform us of the Specific Problem and the Order Information so that we may have the Information on hand when we call you.

Example of a bad email

Example of a Bad Email

Example of a Good Email

Good Email Example