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Extra Product2014-07-01T17:35:55-07:00

Extra product in an order must be addressed in the instructions if you would like it to be engraved.  If extra items are not addressed in the engraving instructions, they will be sent to the customer unengraved.  We no longer call or email reps to ask about extra product.  It is your responsibility to address it in your instructions.


Flow Chart2014-07-01T17:35:27-07:00

It is your responsibility to check on your orders through the flow chart.  If something appears “off” based on our posted turn time, please let us know immediately via email.  Be proactive and problems can be minimized.

In addition, we receive several calls and emails at the beginning of each month stating that reps cannot find the prior month’s flow chart.  On the left side of the screen on the Google Drive, there is an option that says “show all.”  Click that option and all the flow charts will open.  You can also type in the Order Number or customer’s name in the search box at the top of the screen.  As a reminder, an order will be recorded in the flow chart of the month we first receive the order from Olean.

How can I contact you?2022-09-13T09:33:49-07:00

Email is the preferred method of communication.  If you must speak to us over the phone, the number is (360) 719-2482.  Please leave a message – we return calls twice a day.  Our business hours are Monday – Friday, 8 am – 4 pm PST.

What if I need to rush my order?2017-02-18T14:20:45-08:00

We can rush your order, and there will be a rush fee of $1.00 for each item being engraved.  The money collected from rush fees is donated to a charitable cause.  The last donation was to A Walk on the Wild Side, a local animal sanctuary.

Many times when an order is rushed, a date is given that the customer must receive the order by.  Many times this not possible without sending the order via 3-day shipping, 2-day shipping, or overnight at the reps’ expense.  When you give a date, understand that we will rush the order through the engraving process; but on some occasions, it will require expedited shipping as well.

If a date is given that the order is needed by, the order will be rushed regardless of when the date is.  Our turn time is clearly listed on our website.  If the date you request is close to the date of turn time, we will rush the order regardless.  Many reps give a specific date to try to avoid rushing the order, but if the date the customer requires the order is close to the turn time, the order will be rushed.

How will the order be shipped to my customer?2014-07-01T17:34:11-07:00

The order will be shipped to the address you provided in your instructions.  We only ship using UPS and USPS.  We almost always ship UPS Ground.  Orders shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, or specific requests are sent via USPS Priority Mail.  If you require expedited shipping, please include this request in your instructions.


What will come in the box to my customer?2014-07-01T17:33:16-07:00

In addition to the CUTCO items, the box will arrive to your customer with a Welcome to CUTCO card and a CUTCO Use and Care booklet with your business card for each knife.  You must supply us with business cards.  The boxes are properly packaged to ensure no damage occurs during shipping.

What about gift wrapping?2023-11-06T13:54:36-08:00

Gift wrapping is available for a $5.00 fee per box.  Our wrapping paper comes in white, red, yellow, silver, or black.  If gift wrapping is requested and no color is specified, it will be wrapped in white.

Can any logo be engraved?2014-07-01T17:32:26-07:00

Not every logo will look good engraved.  Any shading will engrave as solid which causes the shading and other artwork to be engraved together with no definition.  Some manipulation of the logo may be necessary to capture the right effect.  Also, keep in mind that the smaller the logo, the less detailed the engraving will be.

Are the logos on file?2022-09-13T09:41:23-07:00

I receive several calls each week asking if we have a logo on file.  On our flow chart, there is a tab listed as “Logos on File.”  Please check this list and check the Olean list before asking if we have the logo on file.  If your logo is listed on the form, but you are not positive that it is the correct logo, you can email btproofdesigns@gmail.com to request a screenshot of the logo.  If Olean has the logo and we do not, please email logoengraving@cutco.com and ask for it to be sent to us.

You are responsible for attaching logos to your engraving instruction form.  If, for example, you ask for the Cherry Realty logo and do not attach it, we will engrave it with a Cherry logo we have on file.  If it is the wrong Cherry Realty logo, then you will be responsible for the replacement of the order.


What if I have a new logo?2021-10-04T09:50:11-07:00

Please put in the subject line and body of the instructions, “New Logo.”  Our engraving machines require .eps format.  If the logo is not supplied in this format, we will send the logo to be digitized.  This process usually takes 48 hours and there is a $50.00 charge per logo.  If you do not mention that you have supplied a new logo, the order will be sent directly to the engravers, at which time the problem will be noticed.  This will delay your order by 1-2 days.


Can words be underlined?2014-07-01T17:30:00-07:00

We do not underline anything unless you request it. Websites and email addresses sometimes auto-underline, but we will not underline these unless you specifically write “underline.”

Should I capitalize the entire tag line?2014-07-01T17:29:38-07:00

We think it looks nice when the first letter of each word is capitalized, i.e. “Start Spreading the Word!”

Can I get a proof before engraving?2022-09-13T09:35:07-07:00

Yes, we can provide you with digital proof of the engraving.  You must request proof in your instructions.

The proof will be emailed to the address on the instructions.  We require all changes in writing, preferably in a reply to the most current proof email.  Once the proof is acceptable, you must respond with the word, “approved.”  Any other variation will not be accepted.

There are too many proofs being requested.  Proofs should only be used to verify how a new logo will look or for unique placement on the knife.  It is not designed to verify data.  If your customer would like to verify data, compose an email to them to be approved (DO NOT SEND US THAT EMAIL).  Realistically, you should be doing proofs on no more than 10% of the orders you sell.  If you need verbiage on how to explain this to your customer, talk to your regional trainer.

Will you proof read my instructions?2014-07-01T17:28:44-07:00

Every order is scanned for accuracy.  We look for misspelled words and inconsistent phone numbers.  We will contact you if anything stands out; however, you are ultimately responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the instructions and logos requested.

What is the standard font?2014-07-01T17:28:13-07:00

If the order does not specify a font, we will use our standard font, Georgia Bold Italic. Please be aware that numbers are not level in this font.  We can engrave in most standard fonts.

The engraving machines do not engrave script fonts well.  If your customer must have a script font, it is possible to have it digitized into a logo for a fee.  Thin lines often do not show up well.


Can taglines be engraved?2014-07-01T17:27:48-07:00

Yes, as long as there is enough room on the knife.  On the smaller knives (3721) and shears (77), we cannot engrave a tagline.  Try to keep these items to two lines with the logo to the side.  We do not want the engraving to be too small.  Please use common sense when it comes to how much information to put on an item.

Can I call in my instructions?2015-12-01T09:23:42-08:00

No verbal instructions or changes will be accepted. Please email your instructions to Engravingspreaders@gmail.com. Changes to existing orders must be sent to Engravingspreaders@gmail.com and a copy sent to shopmanagerengraving@gmail.com. If you would like to engrave product from your stock, please send those instructions to shopmanagerengraving@gmail.com.

What is the preferred format for instructions?2017-02-18T14:20:45-08:00

Please use online Engraving Order Form.

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