Engraving Process for Branding Tools Inc.

The following are some helpful tips to make the process as smooth as possible for you, your staff and your customers.

Step One:  Packing Slips and Instructions

Every weekday, the packing slips we receive (via email from Olean) are searched by order number to see if the reps have submitted engraving instructions.  Once the instructions are found that match the product, we print the instructions, send new logos to be set up (if necessary) and flag the order if needed.  (Rush, Proof, Pull from stock, Swap etc.)

Paperwork is then sent to the Administration Department to be proof read, highlighted (special items) and entered into the flow chart.  A printed label is made to be placed on the box with Customer Name, Reps Name, Order Number, Rush or Gift Wrap.

Step Two:  Routing

Proofs – New Logos

We separate your paperwork, sending it through the proof channel if it is a new logo.  (All “New” logos are required to receive proof.)  Proofs are also separated if needed for your customer.  Proofs are sent to the reps for approval.  If a redo is required for the proof, the paperwork stays with the proof team until final approval is received IN WRITING from the rep.  Any changes to proof will require a new proof to be done.  Approvals, changes, and questions on proofs need to be sent to BTproofdesigns@gmail.com.  Once approval is given, the order moves to the fulfillment center.

Regular Orders:

Your order is sent to our set- up specialist.  Rush orders are set up first.  Once set up, the order moves to the fulfillment center.

Step Three: Fulfillment Center

Once orders are received in the fulfillment center, all items are pulled that are printed on the packing slip and placed in the shipping box. This is the point that we check for color, product, boxes, quantity and type of knives. As requested on your instructions, we will then pull from your stock, swap, or add to your stock.

Your order is double checked to make sure all items are correct. The order is then moved to the “ready to engrave” area of the warehouse and put in line to be engraved. Position in line is determined by the date that we receive your instructions.

Step Four:  Engraving

Rushes go to the front of the line and are charged accordingly.  All other orders are processed first in/first out.

Engravers check all product again to make sure the right product is in the order and what items need to be engraved.

Engravers send order to the machines and engrave.

Step Five:  Cleaning and Final Prep

After engraving, every item is cleaned of finger prints, placed in gift boxes, prepped with your business cards and brown inserts.  Your order will be wrapped upon request, repackaged, and a shipping label is made.

A packing slip will go into the box for your customer, along with a copy of the “Cutco Closing Gifts Best Practices” flyer.

Step Six:  Process Checking

During every step of the process, our team updates the online flow chart with current information that is available to you 24 hours a day.  You will be able to answer customer’s questions about their orders as they move through the process.  The shipping and tracking information is also included in this flow chart.

Step Seven:  UPS Shipping

UPS picks up five days per week and ships throughout the USA except Hawaii and Alaska – these orders must ship USPS.


Step Eight:  Billing

Every Monday, checks are received from the reps and are entered into our billing system.  New invoices are populated and e-mailed out for any new activity for the last week.  Statements are sent on Tuesdays, showing the reps that are carrying a balance, what they owe.  We charge credit cards on Monday evenings for any “30 day past due” balances.

All of these steps are carried out on every order that we receive in our shop.

Step Nine: YOUR PART

To minimize delays, please do the following:

  1. Submit your engraving form in a timely fashion on all your orders, and make sure they are correct.
  2. Double check that your ROLO or fax to Olean is correct before we receive it.
  3. Limit black knives/proofs.
  4. Approve all black knives/proofs as soon as possible. (I have orders in the warehouse that have been waiting approval for months.)
  5. Watch the flow chart!
  6. Pay your bill on time.
  7. Make sure you have systems in place to manage your part of the process.
  8. Make sure we are stocked with your business cards for prepping your orders. Also, any extra inventory that you are asking to pull (swap, etc.) should remain fully stocked.
  9. Be nice to my staff at Branding Tools and our friends at Olean. Gratitude and kindness will get you much farther than being demanding and rude.

In “Urgent” situations, call me directly, as I am always at your service. 360-901-9746

We, at Branding Tools, appreciate your business and loyalty. If you ever have any feedback to help us improve, please send it to me directly. At the end of the day, we are here to serve you and your customers, by delivering the World-Famous Cutco product as a branding tool. Care is given to each and every order, resulting in a 99% accuracy rate. Our average turn time is 2-3 business days, start to finish.