This team helps the reps stay connected with each of their customers with regularly scheduled phone calls in which they build rapport, check on their current gift supply, and help maintain excellent customer service by answering questions and concerns. After completing a call session for a rep, the rep will receive a detailed email communicating all actions taken by the call managers and call notes. This allows the rep to stay up to speed with the customer.

Elizabeth Jesser ~ Call Back Support

Phillip Lloyd – Call Back Support

Star Trek fan not freak!  Grew up in hick town!  Has had several dogs but hates cats – GO BULLDOGS! 1st car was 1976 Chevy Malibu Classic – a true boat on land and gas hog!  My work motto:  Be on time, ready to work, and stay late!  With our knives remember to ALWAYS CUT THE MUSTARD, NEVER THE CHEESE!!  Went to Hillbilly High, class of 1995.

Lucretia McCollum ~ Call Back Support