Our optional inside sales team helps reps stay connected with each of their customers with regularly scheduled phone calls & marketing in which they build rapport, check on their current gift supply, and help maintain excellent customer service by answering questions and concerns. After completing a call session for a rep, the rep will receive a detailed email communicating all actions taken by the call managers and call notes. This allows the rep to stay up to speed with the customer.

If you do not have a system in place for client retention or reorders & are interested in joining please call (360) 901-9746.

Phillip Lloyd – Call Back Support

Star Trek fan not freak!  Grew up in hick town!  Has had several dogs but hates cats – GO BULLDOGS! 1st car was 1976 Chevy Malibu Classic – a true boat on land and gas hog!  My work motto:  Be on time, ready to work, and stay late!  With our knives remember to ALWAYS CUT THE MUSTARD, NEVER THE CHEESE!!  Went to Hillbilly High, class of 1995.

Lucretia McCollum ~ Call Back Support

Bailey Bemis ~ Order Processor