We can rush your order, and there will be a rush fee of $1.00 for each item being engraved.  The money collected from rush fees is donated to a charitable cause.  The last donation was to A Walk on the Wild Side, a local animal sanctuary.

Many times when an order is rushed, a date is given that the customer must receive the order by.  Many times this not possible without sending the order via 3-day shipping, 2-day shipping, or overnight at the reps’ expense.  When you give a date, understand that we will rush the order through the engraving process; but on some occasions, it will require expedited shipping as well.

If a date is given that the order is needed by, the order will be rushed regardless of when the date is.  Our turn time is clearly listed on our website.  If the date you request is close to the date of turn time, we will rush the order regardless.  Many reps give a specific date to try to avoid rushing the order, but if the date the customer requires the order is close to the turn time, the order will be rushed.