Yes, we can provide you with digital proof of the engraving.  You must request proof in your instructions.

The proof will be emailed to the address on the instructions.  We require all changes in writing, preferably in a reply to the most current proof email.  Once the proof is acceptable, you must respond with the word, “approved.”  Any other variation will not be accepted.

There are too many proofs being requested.  Proofs should only be used to verify how a new logo will look or for unique placement on the knife.  It is not designed to verify data.  If your customer would like to verify data, compose an email to them to be approved (DO NOT SEND US THAT EMAIL).  Realistically, you should be doing proofs on no more than 10% of the orders you sell.  If you need verbiage on how to explain this to your customer, talk to your regional trainer.