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Tony Carlston

Tony Carlston ~ CEO/CFO

Tony is the founder of CUTCO Closing Gifts and owner of Branding Tools, Inc. He oversees the closing gift program for North America, sells in the Portland, OR / Vancouver, WA markets, and owns and operates the engraving company. He sets the culture and tone for the company and for his management staff.

Christine James ~ Administrative Manager

Part Owner – Admin Division for Branding Tools
Born in Portland, Oregon
Married – Phil for 20 years
Former flight attendant – Purser – United Airlines 35 Years
Active Realtor – Keller Williams Premier Partners, Vancouver Washington (prior companies–Coldwell Banker Barbara Sue Seal, Century 21)
Active CASA – State of Washington
Grandmother of 11..Mother of 2 plus stepson
Mystery shopper for many corporations
Past flagger (trained only) for the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana (why do I do these things….just wanted to know things!! 😎

  • Flew Operation Baby Lift out of Vietnam
  • Flew troops home from Desert Storm
  • Worked with the MIA’s and POW’s during the Vietnam war
  • Trained to work medical transportation for War Zone
  • Honored at UAL with humanitarian award
  • Met lots of celebrities …too many to name, world leaders etc…best job in the world being a flight attendant. Forced to retire due to injury.
  • Benefit – great friends all over the world and pass benefits for the rest of my life!!! Great stories to tell
  • Certified by UAL in Command, Leadership, Resource Management.
  • CPR & AED Certified
  • Responsible for Jumbo Aircraft, Passengers and crew entering foreign countries. (China, Japan, New Zealand, England, France, Italy, Germany, Mexico, Costa Rica , etc.)
  • Constant reader..Tony Robbins fan, and his various courses.
  • Something real and current – bios…Something fun and fake…current events.
  • Love the lord…and My family…friends…job
  • Type a personality….never enough time in the day!

Proudest accomplishments: My two sons Tony and Dan. I taught them to love the Lord….with that….I have completed my promise to god. He gave me sons to raise and follow his teachings….that I have done. At peace , watching them love their families and teach them about loving the lord.Chris is our Manager of admin operations and an absolute integral part of our operations. A den mother of the business who handles all the daily logistical issues that may arise. Her determination and work ethic is unparalleled here. You name it she does it and still ends up finding time for her family and grandkids. A model of hard work she is an asset to the team and a huge reason we achieve our success.

Nyla Spooner

Nyla Spooner ~ Shop Manager

I was hired December 27th 2010 to help the in shop in Phil and Christine’s garages. The former company only had four machines. Phil, Chris and I did everything by ourselves. As the company grew, we moved to larger accommodations & with the move came more machines and more employees to run them.

Since I have held almost every job within the company and know all of the ins and outs of those jobs, I was thus promoted to shop manager.

I work hard most days! I’m in early….and stay late. Occasionally, I work weekends to make sure your packages are taken care of and shipped out promptly.

I am looking forward to seeing how our “little” yet “growing” company progresses as we go forward.

Luis Gaspar

Luis Gaspar ~ Engraving Manager

Luis is from Chiapas, Mexico. He came to Portland 10 years ago. He is responsible and helps out whenever he can. Luis is always willing to learn something new. He does his best in every activity and is very friendly. Luis enjoys reading, and his favorite author is Paulo Coelho. He also enjoys listening to music, watching movies, cooking, and traveling. Luis previously worked at Pacific Paper Tube, Inc. as a saw operator.

Rian Ten Kley

Rian Ten Kley ~ Fulfillment Center Manager

Rian grew up in Vancouver, WA with his parents, Doug and Judy, and his siblings, Reid and Krystal. Along with working at Branding Tools, Inc., Rian is a commercial fisherman in Naknek, Alaska. He braves the treacherous seas each year, bringing salmon back to civilization for us to eat. Rian owns his home in Camas and has two cats, Felix and Lady Belle. He enjoys watching sports with the guys, golfing, and hanging out with his lovely wife, Andrea and their dog Lola.

Julia Carlston

Julia Carlston ~ Finance Manager

Julia is the wife of Tony and proud mother of eight. She was born and raised in the Vancouver area. She enjoys family time, playing on their boat, and camping in the summer. Julia has been in the accounting field for 16+ years and has loved every minute of it.

Bailey Bemis ~ Billing Manager

Kim PittKimberly Pitt ~ Customer Service Manager

Kim is a busy mother of four teenagers and loves spending time with her family. In her spare time she enjoys reading and having fun outdoors. She loves traveling and being close to the beach and the mountains. Kim was born in Portland, OR, but she has also lived in England and visited some amazing places. She grew up in the military with gave her a great opportunity to experience other places. Kim is glad to be a part of the Branding Tools family.