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Luis Gaspar

Luis Gaspar ~ Engraving Manager

Luis is from Chiapas, Mexico. He came to Portland 10 years ago. He is responsible and helps out whenever he can. Luis is always willing to learn something new. He does his best in every activity and is very friendly. Luis enjoys reading, and his favorite author is Paulo Coelho. He also enjoys listening to music, watching movies, cooking, and traveling. Luis previously worked at Pacific Paper Tube, Inc. as a saw operator.

Thad Reber

Thad Reber ~ Engraver and IT Guy

Thad has been involved with CUTCO Closing Gifts for more than two years. He has maintained a professional relationship with the company by providing digitizing services and engraving knives. Thad has been married to his wonderful wife for nearly 5 years. He and his wife own two dogs, both rat terriers, and they never stop moving. Thad enjoys camping, reading, and listening to a wide variety of music. He is an excellent engraver and a key part of our overnight team. He is an excellent critical thinker and problem solver when it comes to computer and tech issues. He is versatile employee and an asset to our operation.

Keith-HoldenKeith Holden ~ Engraving Set-Up

Keith is just a young guy looking to pay his way through college. He enjoys art, reading, hunting, fishing, camping, and hanging out with his family.


Daniel Harrison ~ Engraver

Daniel graduated from Christendom College in Front Royal, VA, with a major in English Literature and a minor in History. Until coming to work for Branding Tools, Inc., Daniel worked as a handyman doing yard work, cleaning, and other things of that nature. He now works in the Branding Tools shop and is a part-time tutor. When he is not working, he spends most of his time at the gym or reading. He is a fan of fantasy and science fiction. When he has the opportunity, enjoys role-playing games such as Fate Core and D&D. He also dabbles in history, philosophy, biology, mythology, and theology. Daniel is involved in the Holy Redeemer Catholic Parish in Vancouver, WA.

Brad Bailey ~ Engraver

Barry Cole ~ Engraver

Jennifer-HolcombJennifer Holcomb ~ Engraver

I was born and raised here in the Northwest.so I take advantage of our beautiful land. I love to hike, Zipline, Whitewater raft. I love to try new adventures. You only have one life, live it.

Francisca Venegas-Martinez ~ Engraver

Trenton Oh ~ Engraver

EmilyEmily ~ Engraver Black Knives

Philip Lloyd ~ Engraver