Welcome to Branding Tools, Inc.

We are the largest engraver for CUTCO products in the world. We specialize in diamond drag engraving on CUTCO products specifically for CUTCO Closing and Business Gifts.

Branding Tools, Inc. will be offering additional options for engraving and packaging.  These options will be exclusive to Closing Gift Consultants and will be available starting January 13th.

  1. We will now offer a yellow, blue, red, black, and white gift wrap options at $5.00 per item wrapped. (If you would like a sample of this new blue or yellow paper contact Nyla)
  2. Branding tools will still staple your business card to the use and care book as we always have. Please contact Nyla if you are not already using this service.
  3. All orders will be insured moving forward that ship from Branding Tools. (Thank you Cutco!!)
  4. Nyla can be reached at shopmanagerengraving@gmail.com or 360-719-2482
  5. Direct Billing. As always you will charge your customer $7.50 for engraving. Until this change that $7.50 and anything you charged for logo set up, bows, gift wrap, etc would be credited to your commission statement. Then you would receive a weekly invoice from Branding Tools with a break down of your charges.

Example old way

(5) 1768       $6.00              $30.00
(5) 3721       $6.00              $30.00
Shipping                          $16.21
Total                             $76.21  (You would have charged the customer (10) CGCENG and credited $75.00 to your rep account. You would have then mailed a check or Venmo the $76.21 to Branding Tools eating he $1.21 difference)

Example new way

(5) 1768     $7.50               $37.50
(5) 3721     $7.50               $37.50
Shipping included
Subtotal                        $75.00
CGCCREDIT                   -$75.00 (This is what you charge your client on the order)(This has already been credited to Branding Tools so no payment is due)
Total Due                      $0.00

*Included ground shipping is on orders with 5 or more engraved items
*Included shipping is to a business address. A $4 Residential charge that UPS charges BT will be added to your Branding Tools invoice for orders shipping to a residence.
*Swap stock items will be shipped along with engraved orders at no additional charge.
*Personal inventory orders, RLT or Biz orders with less then 5 engraved items, orders containing wine boxes, orders containing woodblock sets or an excess of residential non-engraved product will be billed at $6.00 per engraving plus actual shipping. This is not to say if the customer adds on a knife or 2 for their home. This is designed for orders with excess volume and or weight that this inclusive shipping program is not designed for.
*Any variance in engraving bill will be paid within 30 days. Anything older than 30 days will be billed to CC on file. If CC does not authorize Cutco will charge your rep account what is owed to clear your bill. If for some reason you have a credit with Branding Tools this can be requested via Venmo or Check at any time. (please allow 5 business day if requested by check)(Email these requests directly to Tony at Tony@BrandingToolsinc.com.
Please call or email me with any question you have. I am excited for these improvements to Branding Tools offerings.

Contact us at 360-719-2482 with any questions

New Reps

New reps must have the backup credit card form completed and on file at Banding Tools, Inc prior to the first order being engraved.

CC Backup Form

Please complete the CC Backup Form

Once complete, you may either:

Email it to Engravingspreaders@gmail.com,
Fax it to: (360) 859-4526
Mail it to:
4707 NE Minnehaha St
Suite 307
Vancouver, WA