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Nyla Spooner

Nyla Spooner ~ Shop Manager

I was hired December 27th 2010 to help the in shop in Phil and Christine’s garages. The former company only had four machines. Phil, Chris and I did everything by ourselves. As the company grew, we moved to larger accommodations & with the move came more machines and more employees to run them.

Since I have held almost every job within the company and know all of the ins and outs of those jobs, I was thus promoted to shop manager.

I work hard most days! I’m in early….and stay late. Occasionally, I work weekends to make sure your packages are taken care of and shipped out promptly.

I am looking forward to seeing how our “little” yet “growing” company progresses as we go forward.

Markus SlagelMarkus Slagle ~ Shop Support

Just a small town boy working for a small family owned business.

Jeff Condon ~ Shop Support